100 Reasons Why We Love K. Smith School


Today, February 5, 2014 is both the hundredth day of school and Digital Learning Day.  To celebrate, we are premiering a new school blog, Student Voices of K. Smith School.  Here is our first entry from our kindergarten to sixth grade students – 100 Reasons Why We Love K. Smith School.

  1. I love that we get to eat breakfast.

  2. When you need help teachers or students help you.

  3. I love my school because we have fun learning here.

  4. We have our own colleges.

  5. We get STEM.

  6. I love that we have colleges because we are all going to college.

  7. No uniforms.

  8. Freedom Fridays

  9. We get college buddies.

  10. I love all the visitors who come because I love “ambassading” (being a student ambassador).

  11. We have good teachers and principals.

  12. I love this school because time is more fast than staying at home.

  13. It’s fun!

  14. We have iPads and laptops to use.

  15. We get to learn in fun ways.

  16. I like fun activities like our interactive notebooks.

  17. P.E.


  19. The Four Cs

  20. We get to share our success with Habits of Mind at Pride.

  21. We have morning pride every Monday.

  22. Students love the cool amazing projects.

  23. I can learn more to get a better future.

  24. I can get a scholarship to college.

  25. I love how teachers teach us.

  26. I’m so tired. (as he’s walking out the door at dismissal)

  27. I love this school because I love Mr. Hernandez.

  28. I love the teachers.

  29. I love school because we are college bound.

  30. I love school because we have an awesome college cheer.

  31. I love the color wheels that we colored during our PBL project.

  32. I love recess and Discovery Time.

  33. The teachers do what’s best for us.

  34. We are a family.

  35. The teachers put their work in the Evergreen Times.

  36. Cool learning experiences

  37. Katherine Smith is a No Excuses University.

  38. One of the reasons I love school is because we get to play soccer with our friends.

  39.  One of the reasons I love school is because we get to do arts and crafts such as the Chinese New Year dragon and the gingerbread houses.

  40. I learn with my partner about inventions.

  41. We like writing grants to fund our projects.

  42. We get to read lots of stories.

  43. I like Mrs. Bautista.

  44. Art Prep is always the best with Ms. Luo.

  45. Freedom Friday

  46. I love school because it helps me to do my writing and my reading.

  47. Mr. Brengard is nice.

  48. We get to express our ideas and thoughts.

  49. Mr. Armstrong is really nice.

  50. We like the books that Mr. Armstrong reads.

  51. Mrs. Donahue is really, really nice.

  52. It’s so interesting.

  53. This is the best school ever because we have a garden.

  54. I like Mr. Brengard’s office.

  55. I like STEM because I like making things.

  56. I love this school because it is so epic and amazing.

  57. I love the projects.

  58. We have good teaching.

  59. We get to research.

  60. I like that there are deadlines like the real world.

  61. We have special guests.

  62. We are a college bound school.

  63. It’s interesting.

  64. It’s better than opening a textbook.

  65. We get to present our hard work.

  66. We get to be leaders.

  67. We participate in advanced learning, like coding.

  68. It’s all about solving real life problems.

  69. Helps us prepare for 21st Century jobs.

  70. Way more fun!!

  71. We use our imagination.

  72. We love Katherine Smith because our principal lets us do fun projects like the Penny Arcade was really fun.

  73. I tell our visitors that raptors don’t eat worms.

  74. I love that the school keeps us safe.

  75. Our library

  76. Classroom Buddies

  77. Movie Night

  78. GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE (first grade class’ Virginia Tech college cheer)

  79. We love room F4’s college cheer…LONG BEACH and ST. JOHNS!!

  80. One of the reasons I love school is because we get to play soccer with our friends.

  81. We dissect hearts. (pig hearts in STEM class)


  83. Mr. Brengard’s Starbursts and Mrs. Donohue’s M&M’s.

  84. Katherine Smith SWAG!!

  85. Pumpkin Auction

  86. “The Compadres”….Parent Pride Group

  87. We get to plant and harvest the garden.

  88. Morning Pride brings us together.

  89. I loved Science Camp!



  92. Tech Challenge with Mrs. Helveston

  93. YMCA

  94. It’s fun to learn things and build stuff.

  95. Because I cut off my hair for cancer patients.

  96. We help cure cancer.

  97. We celebrate together as a school.

  98. I love their teaching techniques.

  99. Student empowerment

100. I can talk to the teachers and they are never too busy to listen.


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