We Like Raptors by Ms. Trowbridge’s First Grade (revised)


Students began this project learning about the different raptors within their community.  They were driven by the knowledge that birds were getting injured within their community but needed to know how and why.  By learning about each raptor, they became experts on specific birds and the care that is needed for each bird to survive.  Finally students created books to educate others.


I liked our PBL project about raptors because…

  • I learned that eagles eat eels. (Paola)
  • I like to learn. (Tatiana)
  • I learned eagles eat rats. (Yaritza)
  • I learned they have long claws. (Ximena)
  • We made a life sized bald eagle out of paper.  (Jadine)
  • I learned that raptors eat fish and ducks. (Pedro)
  • I learned that red shouldered hawks have sharp claws. (Johana)
  • I liked learning about birds. (Anthony)
  • I liked learning about the Red Shouldered Hawk, the Bald Eagle, and the Great Horned Owl.  (Giovanny)
  • I like raptors.  I learned that eagles have yellow beaks and sharp claws.  I learned that raptors can fly. (Christopher)
  • they have sharp claws. (Jay)
  • I learned that raptors eat fish. (Christian)
  • I learned that eagles have beaks, sharp claws, and live on cliffs. (Pedro)

My favorite part was…

  • when we learned how we can help them fly.  (Yaritza)
  • when we did our Need to Knows.  (Paola)
  • when we saw a video of an eagle eating the eel.  (Christopher)
  • reading about eagles. (Jay)
  • learning was type of animal a raptor is. (Jimena)
  • learning about the Great Horned Owl. (Chris S.)

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