Open Campus Day ~ Proud to be me by Emily, Sixth Grader



Open Campus Day opened the school. Student ambassadors were available in every classroom to talk about the innovative work they are doing with project-based learning, our college bound focus, and integration of technology.


Open Campus Day, a day to show off my school and to make my principal proud. Last Friday on February 7, my principal, Aaron Brengard invited over 100 teachers, principals, and our community to come to our school to see how we did P.B.L.  P.B.L is  a short way of saying Project Based Learning. They teach us how to do math, science, and how to communicate and cooperate with my fellow classmates. We do projects after projects and we get assigned with different people so we can know how to communicate to other people that we don’t know very well. In the end, we’re all friends to one another.

On Friday, Each class of all grades had ambassadors. There were about 13 of them in my class. 7 were class ambassadors while the other 6 were school ambassadors. School ambassadors are the people who guide our guests around the school and guide them to classes to see what we’ve done. Class ambassadors are people who stay in class and when a guest comes in our class, we guide them around the classroom and explain about what we have been doing for P.B.L. I was one of the class ambassadors along with my friend, Annie. We were partners for the class ambassadors and we were having a fun time during the day.

The Open Campus Day was from 8am to 2pm.( That’s our school hours.) When our guests were about to leave, I heard them being awed and saying, “Wow, I need my school to start on P.B.L soon.” That’s how our day ended: Getting awed by guests who visited our class and feeling proud of my school and myself.


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