Open House? No, Open Campus! by Susie, sixth graders


Friday, February 7, K. Smith School hosted our first Open Campus Day where hundreds of educators, business and industry leaders, and community members were encouraged to come see an elementary school designed for the 21st century learner.


Open Campus was a way to show off how Katherine Smith learns. With PBL (Project Based Learning) and a Presentation to show, we made our visitors and audience become mesmerized with all the amazing projects. A video game with code, a tri-fold with information, and a decorated arcade cabinet to explain our hard work, it has made my classmates have glowing faces while speaking about their game.

The Ambassadors were absolutely helpful. School Ambassadors were the students who led the teachers from other schools, board members, and business workers from Apple and Microsoft to Grades K-6th. Each classroom had a number of Class Ambassadors, they had led the visitors that strolled in the classroom around their class. Without their help we would not have this opportunity to show off Katherine Smith’s school spirit!

The teachers had taught us a different way to learn about code (6th Graders created a video game with code), to learn about buoyancy (5th Graders built a boat that could float in water), and to show us new presentation skills for Open Campus. With their enthusiasm and their way of pushing us to the next level, we actually made the audience come out of this school with inspired looks on their faces!

As you can see, Open Campus showed me that there is a fun way to learn…PBL!


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