100 Reasons Why We Love K. Smith School

Student Voice


Today, February 5, 2014 is both the hundredth day of school and Digital Learning Day.  To celebrate, we are premiering a new school blog, Student Voices of K. Smith School.  Here is our first entry from our kindergarten to sixth grade students – 100 Reasons Why We Love K. Smith School.

  1. I love that we get to eat breakfast.

  2. When you need help teachers or students help you.

  3. I love my school because we have fun learning here.

  4. We have our own colleges.

  5. We get STEM.

  6. I love that we have colleges because we are all going to college.

  7. No uniforms.

  8. Freedom Fridays

  9. We get college buddies.

  10. I love all the visitors who come because I love “ambassading” (being a student ambassador).

  11. We have good teachers and principals.

  12. I love this school because time is more fast than staying at home.

  13. It’s fun!

  14. We have iPads and laptops to use.

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