It’s a Geometric World, 1st grade project (Day 1) by Ms. Trowbridge’s First Graders


The 1st grade will be launching our next PBL project tomorrow.  The first graders in A2 are planning on blogging regularly about our project experience.  Our project is titled, “It’s a Geometric World” and we will be studying shapes and learning about their attributes.  The driving question for our project is, “How do we show others that shapes are all around us?”  Today as a preview we began weekly math and language arts centers that focused on shapes.    Some groups worked on finding shapes within the classroom, others identified shapes within a picture, and another group graphed pattern blocks.  

We are excited about starting our next project and are looking forward to ….

  • learning more about shapes.  (Paola)
  • doing more shape projects.  (Giovanny)
  • drawing the shapes.  (Jay)
  • learning about all the different kinds of shapes.  (Johana)
  • learning about 3-D shapes.  (Pedro)
  • finding out what the deliverables are.  (Christian)
  • to finding out what attributes means.  (Christopher)
  • finding out what the shapes look like.  (Jadine)

Stay tuned for our blog tomorrow about our entry event…


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