It’s a Geometric World, 1st grade project (Day 2) by Ms. Trowbridge’s First Graders

Entry Event


Today A2 first graders did an entry event for our shapes project.  An entry event is an engaging way to introduce or build background knowledge to begin a project.  “We had a picture of a shape of something on campus that we had to find and take a picture of it.” (Yaritza)  

After completing the entry event we talked about the driving question.  A driving question is a question that is posed to the class that drives the project; it is presented early on in the project to get students to start thinking about what they will need to know and do to complete the project and its tasks.  The driving question for our shapes project is, “How do we show others that shapes are all around us?”  

From there students generated questions they want and need to know in order to answer the driving question and complete the project and its deliverables.

  • What are shapes?  (Tatiana)
  • Where can we find shapes?  (Yaritza)
  • What are attributes?  (Jadine)
  • Where are shapes?  (Mozes)
  • Are we going to learn about 3-D shapes?  (Pedro)
  • What are the different kinds of shapes?  (Giovanny)
  • How can we combine shapes to make new shapes?  (Yaritza)
  • How are we going to learn about shapes?  (Bin)
  • How do we draw the shapes?  (Christopher)

Vocabulary related to shapes was introduced and will be defined as we move into the project.

To wrap up the day, “we sorted shapes out and glued the shapes that were alike together.”  (Jadine)

Some final thoughts from students about today…

  • I like learning about shapes.  (Alaiya)
  • Shapes are fun to play with.  (Tatiana)
  • Some shapes are 3-D shapes and spheres are like a ball and can roll.  (Pedro)
  • Today was fun because we got to learn about shapes.  (Mozes)
  • It was interesting because I saw shapes everywhere I went.  (Tatiana)

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