If I were president… by Ms. Schorr’s second graders

If I were President of the United States I would . . .

  • change the law so there is no bullying. (Angelina)
  • make schools better by giving them more technology. (Geovany)
  • make the community better for kids. I would make bullies stop bullying and stop littering. (Lealah)
  • help people and make kids learn. (Elhaine)
  • give a loud speech about no bullying and no hitting. (Seut)
  • ban littering. (Antonio)
  • make people respectful. (BJ)
  • give a speech saying no more fighting and bullying. (Victoria)
  • make the world a better place. (Elias)
  • make schools for children to learn more. (Jackeline)
  • change the world to stop littering at school. (Maritza)
  • make a law that says kids are allowed to be taught at home. (Jassmin)
  • make the kids that are bullying be nice for once and have friends. (Lealah)
  • make a speech that if someone was hurt or bullied, you should stand up for them. (Emmanuel)

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