It’s a Geometric World, 1st grade project (Day 4) by Ms. Trowbridge’s First Graders:


“Last night for homework we looked around our house to find 2-D shapes.” (Christian)  This morning, “we taped the shapes we found at home onto our shape chart.” (Jadine)


We reviewed our Driving Question, our Need to Knows, and vocabulary on our PBL wall.  “We answered a few of our questions.” (Paola)  For example, when talking about our question, “Where can we find shapes?,” we discovered that the answer is “in our house, in the classroom, outside, and everywhere.”  (Pedro) We defined some of our vocabulary words and practiced counting sides/edges and corners/vertices of different shapes.
We had a visitor come and talk to us about shapes and she showed us some quilts.  “I saw a trapezoid on a quilt.” (Christian)  We saw a lot of interesting shapes in the quilts.”  (Paola)  “We saw rectangles, squares, triangles, and rhombuses.”  (Anthony)
“After lunch we made our own paper quilt squares and we’re going to make a class quilt.” (Giovanny)


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