It’s a Geometric World, 1st grade project (Day 11) by Ms. Trowbridge’s First Graders


Today during math we practiced “folding shapes in to halves and fourths.”  (Christian)  “When you fold a shape in half it will be two pieces.”  (Pedro)  “A fourth is something divided into four pieces.”  (Jay)  Then new math centers were introduced for the week.  The centers this week are all about dividing shapes into equal shares. One center continued working with “dividing shapes into halves and fourths.”  (Yaritza)  Another center divided paper pizzas in to “halves, fourths, and eighths.”  (Paola)  One group “did a little book about halves, fourths, equal and not equal parts.”  (Giovanny)  The last group worked to identify that when the bottom number “denominator” (Johana) is bigger, the piece of the shape “gets smaller.”  (Ximena)

In our PBL folders, we worked on filling in “most of our vocabulary definitions.”  (Paola)

This week in our groups, we will build a leprechaun trap using 3-D shapes.”  (Jay) “We saw a slideshow on the SmartBoard about how to catch a leprechaun.  They like gold and shiny things.”  (Jadine)  “Tomorrow we will start making our leprechaun traps.”  (Yaritza)


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