Who Let the Dogs Out? A reflection on service dog by Mrs. Leipelt’s first grade


Mr. Tuttle and his service dog, Yara, gave a presentation to Room A5 about how service dogs assist people with disabilities.  The class was in awe of all the ways in which Yara helps with everyday tasks.  We also learned about an organization called, Canine Companions for Independence which trains service dogs free of charge to the recipients.  It was such a heartwarming experience to see how service dogs change the lives of people who receive them.

  • Service dogs can help turn off lights (Hailey).
  • No one can distract them when they’re working (Yoheadi).
  • Whenever he drops something, Yara gets it (Amaya).
  • You have to ask, “Can I pet your dog?” (Amaya).
  • I didn’t know that dogs used chicken toothpaste (Erick).
  • Yara knows over 40 commands (Lynda).
  • It takes a very long time to train them (Jocelyn).
  • Service dogs can help people (Jesus).


We ended the day by taking turns reading a book to therapy dog, Rae.


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