It’s a Geometric World, 1st grade project (Day 13) by Ms. Trowbridge’s First Graders


“We did art during math.”  (Ximena) Using Ed Emberley’s book Picture Pie,  “we used circles to make birds and butterflies.”  (Christian)  To make a bird, “we used 1 whole circle and 2 eighths.”  (Yaritza)  For the butterfly, we used two halves and two fourths.”  (Christopher)  “I felt happy when I made it.


I thought it was super cute.”  (Pedro)  I liked it because we cut out circles and then we glued them together to make a butterfly and a bird, and then we wrote about how many eighths, wholes, halves, and fourths our bird or butterfly had.”  (Jadine)  I liked it because we got to make a butterfly and a bird and we got to color them.”  (Giovanny) I want to learn to make other things that are different out of circles.”  (Bin)
During our PBL time this afternoon students began to assemble their leprechaun traps.  “We covered our boxes with foil.”  (Alaiya)  “We used tape to connect our 3-D shapes together.” (Tatiana)  “We tested our leprechaun trap to see if it works.”  (Mozes)  Today we decided if we leave our trap the same or if we could change it a little so it could work more.”  (Jadine) “Tomorrow we are going to decorate our leprechaun traps with gold and shiny stuff because that’s what leprechauns like.”  (Paola)


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