The Shark Tank #PBL Class Reflection By Mrs. Bautista’s third graders


The Driving Question for our PBL was “Can you survive the Shark Tank?”  The purpose of our project was to become entrepreneurs. We wrote a persuasive sales pitch  and presented a panel of “sharks.” We had to work together to market and sell products from our businesses.  Along the way, we had to collaborate and come with one product to sell, figure out how to build an inventory, and learn how to market and sell our product.


It was fun to do the Shark Tank PBL Project because we were able to think about and make our own items to sell. We were able to get creative with our work.  It was fun because we had to work together in groups.  We were sharing ideas in a fun and challenging way.


Sometimes it was hard to sell our products because there were people who didn’t want to buy them.  To solve our problem we had to lower our prices.  It was also challenging to present our project in front of “Sharks.” Some of us felt really nervous, so we had to be brave and calm down. In our class there were two or more groups who are selling the same things, so we had to figure out how to make our products better than the other. There was a lot of competition when there were similar businesses.


From this project, we learned that it isn’t easy to have your own business.  We learned about supply and demand and how that works. We learned about entrepreneurship.  We learned about marketing strategies.  Some of our favorite was making commercials because we got to use the iPad. We learned a lot of vocabulary words, like profit, slogan, logo, service, consumer, product, company, and producer. Also, we used different Habits of Mind to complete this project.  Some of them were: Thinking Flexibly, Persistence, Metacognition, Managing our Impulsivity, and Listing with Understanding and Empathy.

shark tank

We hope we have this much fun learning in our next PBL project!


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