Aloha! Welcome, Hawaiian Visitors from Kamehameha Elementary School by Mrs. Leiplet’s first graders


At Katherine Smith, our college bound culture includes an adoption of a college by every classroom on campus.  We learn about the college, create college cheers and discuss the possibilities of what can be achieved with a “No Excuses” attitude.


Room A5 first graders have adopted the University of Hawaii and today we were fortunate to have visitors from Kamehameha Elementary School in Honolulu come to our campus.  The group included teachers and a principal, several of which attended the U of H.




Hailey and Isaac greeted our visitors at the door with Katherine Smith leis and they were greeted back with hugs and huge smiles.


The group sat down with the class and answered several questions generated by the students including, “ How is your school different from our school?” and “ Tell us what Hawaii is like.”

A special treat was when one of the teachers taught the class a Hawaiian Good Morning Song. (KSmithSchool YouTube:

Below is a reflection by the students of our memorable visit with our Hawaiian friends:

  • When they came, we did our cheer.  I liked it. (Enrique)
  • I liked when I led the college cheer. (Jocelyn)
  • I liked the Good Morning song. (Kyle)
  • I learned the Good Morning Song and I loved it! (Lynda)
  • Me and Hailey put leis on their neck.  They hugged us. (Isaac)
  • They gave a kiss to Isaac. (Yoheadi)
  • I learned they didn’t wear leis each day.  They give leis on special occasions. (Yoheadi)
  • I learned a new song. (Carlos)
  • I liked when they came. (Layla).
  • They told us more people are in their school—kindergarten to 12th grade. (Jesus)

No doubt, Mrs. Leipelt’s class has some future U of H Rainbow Warriors!  We are College Bound!


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