DROUGHTS: A Dilemma for California Children by Emily, Katherine Smith 6th grader


California is a wonderful place that’s filled with beaches, cities, and beautiful animals. It’s always filled with bright sunshine. But in the winter of 2014, California faced a problem; a drought occurred in the state of California. California was filled with sunlight. Too much sunlight.. Barely any rain came falling down.  People started to wonder what would happen if we didn’t get any rainfall. Then, we see on the news that glaciers are melting faster than usual. They’re melting very fast and it used to be a great sight for people to see on vacation. But, now they only see them melting and breaking apart. Snow on top of mountains are melting more and more than usual and that’s a big problem.

The Main Problem: Our earth is getting hotter and the heat and Co2 that people measured keep going up each year. That’s the main reason that glaciers are cracking and breaking faster than usual. As that happens, polar bears are drowning because they can’t find any ice to sit on and even if they find one, they’re bound to break and polar bears wouldn’t be able to sit on it. In Italy, it has  a mountain full of melted snow. Also, on the news, they say glaciers are melting rapidly in just 2 months.

The Heat!: The heat is a situation during winter California because it sucks up soil water which gives us hard soil. Pine beetles are also a problem. In the winter, the cold are the reason why we still have pine trees because the coldness kills the pine beetles which still gives us our trees but, as we are in a drought, the pine beetles aren’t dying and we’re losing pine trees because of that reason.

2005:  In 2005, it was one of the hottest years ever in 10 years. The heat killed more than 35,000 people in France. As the heat goes up in 2005, hurricanes occur often. That’s when Hurricane Katrina hit the United States. Even though it hit Florida, it destroyed New Orleans. It was one of the most devastating  hurricanes that happened. A lot of hurricanes also occurred in 2005 like Hurricane Emily, Hurricane Irene, and Hurricane  Rita.

India Problem:  India was having bad weathers in 2005 too. It had 37 in. of rain in just 24 hrs. That’s how much rain falls on Baltimore in a year! But for Mumbai, India, it just happened on a Tuesday and Wednesday. Landslides happened. 99 people died while more are injured. floods up to their waist and the rain collapsed buildings and destroyed much of Mumbai. It was recorded one of the worst rainfalls in India.

Reason:  The reason why I wrote about droughts is because I want to give people awareness of what’s happening to California and it will happen to you too if you don’t take care of our world. The more awareness that you give to other people, the more our earth can be cleaner.

There’s a website where I found the hurricanes in 2005. It shows other years that have had hurricanes too. Check it out!

Link: http://flhurricane.com/cyclone/stormlist.php?year=2005


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