It’s a Geometric World, 1st grade project (Day 18) by Ms. Trowbridge’s First Graders


Today we did math journals.  The question was, I have 6 faces, 12 edges, and 8 vertices.  What shape am I?  Draw me.  “The answer was, I can be a cube or a rectangular prism.  Then, we drew a cube and a rectangular prism.” (Giovanny)  “We worked in groups with our math centers.  Today my center was to label the 3-D shapes  and write how many edges, faces, and vertices each shape had.  We labeled a cube, rectangular prism, cone, pyramid, cylinder, and a sphere.”  (Jadine)  “My group looked around the classroom to find 3-D shapes.”  (Ximena)

After lunch, “we looked online at pictures of how to make shape monsters.”  (Christopher)  “It was exciting to look at the pictures online to see what shape monsters look like.”  (Jay)  “We decided to wait until we brought more 3-D items from home before we can start building our monsters.”  (Christian)  Part of our homework tonight is to find 3-D shapes at home and bring them to school tomorrow.”  (Chris B.) IMG_0820

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