It’s a Geometric World, 1st grade project (Day 24) by Ms. Trowbridge’s First Graders


During math, “we cut out colorful shapes from our math books and we made a picture using the shapes. We wrote a sentence about our picture and colored the background.” (Jay)


For writing today, “we wrote our 5 sentences about our shape monster into a paragraph.” (Pedro) “When you’re writing a paragraph you have to use a 2 finger space for the first sentence.” (Tatiana) “We switched our papers with other students in the class and checked their paper to see if they wrote all their words right.” (Paola) Tomorrow we’re going to fix our mistakes and then write our final draft.” (Ximena) “I feel great about my writing because I get to see it in our blog.” (Christopher)

photo 1

“I got to glue my shape monster together today. After I glued my monster, I got to use 2-D shape stickers to decorate my monster any way I wanted.” (Giovanny)


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