It’s a Geometric World, 1st grade project (Day 26) by Ms. Trowbridge’s First Graders


“Today in my math center we had to color halves and fourths of shapes and write down the answer.”  (Jadine)  “My math center was to write a sentence to describe different 3-D shapes.”  (Ximena)

“We finished writing our final draft about our shape monsters.  My shape monster’s name is Kevin and he likes to tickle Mr. Brengard.”  (Pedro)  “My shape monster likes to play and she is very nice and kind.”  (Tatiana)  “My shape monster’s name is Nancy.  She has three eyes.” (Yaritza)

Today we put feathers and hair on our shape monsters.  It looks great.”  (Christopher)  “I put white hair on my monster.”  (Mozes)  I like my shape monster because I got to put hair on it.” (Jay)  “Making the shape monster was so much fun.”  (Christian)  “Shape monsters are great.”  (Johana)  Tomorrow students will be counting how many of each shape they used to make their monster and we will begin our final deliverable…an aerial 3-D map of the school.

“I was finding shapes in my house.  I found a rhombus and I counted the vertices on it and I put in my shape collection.  I found a sphere and it had no faces, vertices, or edges and I put it in my shape collection because I like my shapes.”  (Chris S.)


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