It’s a Geometric World, 1st grade project (Day 31) by Ms. Trowbridge’s First Graders


“We did final drafts of our shape monster descriptions.  They told about how many of each 3-D shapes we built our monster with.”  (Tatiana) “We’re going to put these next to our Shape Monster stories for the museum.” (Paola)
“We did our reflections on our shape project.  We answered questions like, what is your favorite shape and why?”  (Jadine)  “We also answered what two vocabulary words that we thought all first graders should be able to explain.”  (Paola)  “We’re going to use these to help get ready for our presentations at the Shape Museum on Friday.”  (Ximena)
“We painted our buildings for our 3-D shape map after lunch.”  (Pedro)  “I think they look good.”  (Larissa)


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