Mrs. Jolley’s Second Grader’s Project Reflection- “Who am I and How Can I Make a Difference?”

At the end of our second grade project “Who and I and How can I make a difference?” Students reflected on the long journey they had taken learning about themselves, other people, equal rights, and their ability to make a difference. Below are student reflections.

NTK reflect

We started this project where Mrs. Jolley gave some people fun things and others not- Joseph

Mrs. Jolley separated people who had jeans and people who did not – Victoria

It made me feel upset because some people were being treated nicely and others weren’t- Jeffry

It made me feel angry because we weren’t all being treated equally- Jenny

Then we started learning about people who made a difference like Martin Luther King, Barack Obama, Ruby Bridges, Sally Ride, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Gandhi and Cesar Chavez. – Adrian

barack photo

It made me feel happy that we were learning about these people because we can make a difference like them. We got to learn more about them like how they freed people, it was hard but they did it. – Andy.

I liked to learn about Barack Obama- Ismael

My favorite person was Martin Luther King Jr. Because I like how he said he had a dream that no more judging of their skill. – Diego.

My favorite person was MLK jr. too because he stood up for equal rights and how they said black and white people shouldn’t be separated and how he even inspired white people to be with him in the march he led. – Damian.

Rosa Parks inspired me because when a white person told her to get out of her seat she stayed there and she standed up for herself and she didn’t care if she was in jail- Miyah

My favorite person was Harriet Tubman because first she escaped from slavery and then she went back and helped 300 slaves escape to the north and Harriet was getting them in the safe houses. She inspired me so I can also help other people- Victoria.

Protest photo Stop Violence1

We chose to stop violence because if violence keeps going more people will use violence- Jayla.

If we don’t make this video then the violence will keep going on and on.- Noah

We wanted to tell people if they see violence what they can do- Cynthia

I felt happy to share our video because we were teaching people how to stop violence and now people are trying to do that too- Emily

It made me feel happy because when my mom saw fighting she said stop it because of our video. Then the kids stopped fighting- Dulce.

I will make sure to not play bad games- Jose

I am going to keep telling other people not to play bad games so they don’t copy them and tell them to play good games- Queenie

When I see people playing guns I am going to tell them to stop – Elias

I am going to keep telling people to stop being violent- Samantha.

I will tell people to bullying and fighting- Junior

If people ask me if I want to fight I am going to say NO and go home- Ismael

Next time I am going to speak up for what is right.- Jayden.

Last time we were afraid to say it outloud that we wanted everyone to go on the field trip, we were afraid we would get in trouble,  next time we could work as a team and help each other- Victoria

collab photo pbl

Next time if someone gives me something and it’s unfair I am going to say no because it isn’t fair to other people that don’t get it- Cesar

Next time I am treated unfairly I am going to say that is not fair, because everyone isn’t getting the same opportunity. – Junior

I am going to say no that isn’t fair if I am treated unequally, it isn’t fair if I get something when other people don’t.- Jeremias.

This project took students on a journey from trying to understand who they are and what makes them special to understanding other people and loving each other because of our differences. Students experienced inequalities, privilege, and learned about other people who used nonviolence to make a difference. This then allowed students to think about ways they wanted to make a difference in their community and afforded them the opportunity to do something about it. These students chose to take a stand against the violence they see in their communities. Over the course of this project, their voices came alive.

deliverable photo

Watch the video these students created to raise awareness about the violence in their community.



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