Second Grade Gardeners- Part 2

On day two students reviewed questions they had right after going to the farmer’s market for our entry event. Students were wondering….

“How can we get more experience gardening?- Joseph

“How do you grow fruits and vegetables?- Johnny

“Who can we get more advice from to learn more about plants?”- Andy

“Is soil like dirt?”- Miyah

“Who can be a gardener?”- Diego

“What recipes can be made using food from a farmers market?”- Jenny

“How do we know which seeds grow what plants?”- Queenie

We then dove into some key vocabulary students need to know before diving further into the project. We created a Cognitive Content Dictionary allowing students to build on their own vocabulary and knowledge by predicting the meaning of words and sketching an image of what they think it is and what it does.

CCD photo

We did our Need to Knows. (Geovany) We wrote our questions on strips. (Jade) We put them into categories. Our categories were Plants, Materials We Need, and How to Garden. (BJ) Then, we put the strips on our PBL Wall. (Vanessa)

N2Ks photo

After, Miss Schorr gave us papers with a plant on it. We put the names of the parts under the plant. (Andrew) It is called a flip book. (Victoria) The flip book will help us with our PBL project because we are going to teach others to plant gardens and be gardeners. (Seut) After, we colored it and made it neat and put it in our binder. (Geovany)

Parts of a plant photoparts of a plant 2 photo

I wonder if you can learn about the parts of a plant, too! (K’Onai)


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