Second Grade Gardeners- Part 3

Students are building their understanding of vocabulary and parts of plant. Students read a non-fiction text and looked for their vocabulary words from the previous day. They were then able to see if their predictions were accurate and build on those definitions. They used The glossary tells us what words mean (Jenny) The words that are bold are in the glossary (Emily) We learned what the different parts of a plant do (Andy) Carrots are roots (Jeremias) We eat the flower on broccoli (Jayden)

nonfiction text photodictionary photo
Today was a day full of PBL! We did Daily 5 ( ) different than we usually do. (Geovany) It was different because we were working in groups. (Angelina) We wrote a paragraph about the plant parts during Work on Writing. (Jade) Some of us used our flip book to help. (Geovany)

worksheet photo

We had to look in our Book Room on RAZ-Kids for books about plants. (Seut)

We worked on a script for a play until we got it right. The play was about how plants grow. (K’Onai)

readers theater photo

We got plant vocabulary words and organized them in ABC Order for Word Work. (Jade)

alpha order photo

Then, made a dictionary and we had to write the word, make a prediction, and draw a picture. (Angelina) We liked doing it because we got to draw the picture and when we were writing, Antonio thought of a good definition. He said that the leaf is the kitchen of the plant! (K’Onai) It’s a good one because it makes the food for the plant. (Jade)

As you can see, our PBL Project is about plants. (Jose) We are looking forward to planting! (Ismael)


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