Mrs. Jolley’s Second Grader’s Project Reflection- “Who am I and How Can I Make a Difference?”

Be sure to watch the video. Powerful.

Student Voice

At the end of our second grade project “Who and I and How can I make a difference?” Students reflected on the long journey they had taken learning about themselves, other people, equal rights, and their ability to make a difference. Below are student reflections.

NTK reflect

We started this project where Mrs. Jolley gave some people fun things and others not- Joseph

Mrs. Jolley separated people who had jeans and people who did not – Victoria

It made me feel upset because some people were being treated nicely and others weren’t- Jeffry

It made me feel angry because we weren’t all being treated equally- Jenny

Then we started learning about people who made a difference like Martin Luther King, Barack Obama, Ruby Bridges, Sally Ride, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Gandhi and Cesar Chavez. – Adrian

barack photo

It made me feel happy that we were learning about these people because we can make…

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