Second Grade Gardeners- Part 5

Mrs. Jolley’s Second Graders- Back from spring break and jumping right back where we left off! Today students used their new vocabulary to read and write about the plant life cycle.

reading pbl photo

I read each one first and then I put them in order – Ismael

plant sequencing photo

After reading about the different steps in the plant life cycle. Students took that assignment and put it into their own words for a writing activity where there wrote about what happens at each step.

reading to writing photo

plant steps photo

We also went back and kept practicing our Parts of a Plant Reader’s Theater, and one group said they were ready to present!

Plant play photo


We were practicing using different voices- Elias

We work on reading with expression- Emily

Miss Schorr’s Second Graders- Today, we focused on our PBL Vocabulary. Last week, we began a Cognitive Context Dictionary. We began predicting what our vocabulary words might mean. Today, we used our science textbook to find the definition of some of these words. We had to use the features of nonfiction text, such as the glossary, to help us find out what these words mean! We worked with a partner to look up our vocabulary words. 

Glossary photo PBL

CCD photo pbl

Some students had to use other resources to find the meaning!

nf text photo






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