Second Grade Gardeners – Part 7

Today was an exciting day in Miss Schorr’s classroom! Our students wrote the captions for these snapshots of our day!theater pbl photo

Today, we did a PBL Daily 5. We were doing Readers’ Theater. We had to memorize it so we could do it without the paper. 

CCD work photo

We were doing our Content Dictionary. We get our science book and looked at the glossary for vocabulary words of our PBL Project. 

antonio photo

For Word Work, we did a word scramble. We used the letters of POLLINATION to make many words. 

schorr collab photo

We became teams and studied one type of plant. We used an iPad to look up our plant that we will be an expert of. 

QR photo

We were taking a picture of the QR Code so we could get the information of our vegetable.

Here is our QR Codes that we use to learn about our vegetables, herbs, and flowers. 

QR codes photo

These are the plant groups for our PBL Project. 

plant groups

Meanwhile in Mrs. Jolley Classroom!

 Today student’s began researching a plant of their choosing with a  small group! They worked in groups to read information about the plant on a website and write down the process for planting and any other facts they found.

collab photo plants

We were writing about our plant that we chose. My group chose mint. We didn’t know that mint attracts ants- Jeffry

We are learning about carrots and how they grow- Noah

collab photo plants 3

trio photo

On the ipad we take a picture of the code and then we went to the URL to read about our plant- Ismael

My favorite part was researching the plant.- Cynthia

My favorite part was using the ipad to look for things we need to know about our plant and taking a picture of the QR code- Joseph

victoria photo

Students are looking forward to becoming plant experts and teaching their classmates about their plant that they have researched!



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