Second Grade Gardeners- Part 9

Today was full of observation, research, exploration, and collaboration!

While walking on campus students came across rosemary and lavender plants.

rosemary smell photorosemary photo

We saw lavender and rosemary at our school and smelled them- Emily, Jeremias, Jenny

Lavender smelled like perfume- Ismael

They smelled strong- Ariela

Then students began their observations of an avocado pit, pineapple, and sweet potato growing in water.

avocado photo

During class, students continued researching their plant with their groups and one group was ready to present.

video research photo

We learned more about our plant- Adrian

We researched about our plant- Emily

We watched a video about how to plant mint- Jeffry

I learned that green onions have to be one inch apart from each other- Jayla

I learned that the seeds of lavender are inside of the flower- Jenny

We taught our class how to plant a green onion- Ismael

presentation photo

Expert groups allowed for students to become teachers and teach their classmates about their plant.




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