Second Grade Gardeners (Field Trip Edition!)

Second grade goes on a field trip!

We are so lucky to have this amazing farm right in our community.

FT 1


Today the second graders went to Emma Prusch farm. They learned SO much about native plants, composting, and all different types of herbs and vegetables.

FT 2 IMG_0090

A native plant does not need a lot of water in California- Alexa

A native plant is a plant that comes from the area- Joseph

To prune means to cut it, to put it into shape- Damian

We need to prune because if you let the leaves on the branch there won’t be space and there will only be a little bit of fruit on the plants. – Jeremias


We got to smell lavender- Diego

We smelled a chocolate mint plant- Johnny

We got to touch the cotton plant- Jayla

FT 4

We smelled a plant that smelled like pineapple- Victoria

We got to pick a strawberry and eat it- Miyah

FT 5IMG_0078

The artichoke is a flower- Emily

FT 6IMG_0082

Compost is something that keeps plants alive- Andy

Compost is things that break down into soil- Jenny

Compost is dead plants that have lots of nutrients- Alexa

FT 7

To see if your soil has enough water you grabbed a handful of soil and squeeze it. If it is too dry it breaks apart, if there is too much water it will come out between your fingers. If it is just right it forms a shape- Ariela

IMG_0077FT 9

My favorite part was when we smelled the chocolate mint plant- Dulce

My favorite part was when we smelled the lavender- Noah

My favorite part was when we got to feel the cotton- Johnny




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