Second Grade Gardeners – Part 12




Today in Miss Schorr’s class, it was very fun! -Geovany


We made binder covers for our PBL project. -Roxanne

We traced the carrots and we cut the soil and we glued it down. -Victoria

IMG_0109 IMG_0110  IMG_0112  IMG_0114

We did Farmer in the Dell sentences. – Jackeline

Miss Schorr gave us cards that had a word on them. We made sentences out of them and we got into groups. -Andrew

There were articles, verbs, adjectives, nouns, and prepositional phrases! – Jesus


We had to sort the words so we could make sentences that sound like Farmer in the Dell songs. -Emmanuel

Students stood up and made Farmer in the Dell sentences and we sang them. – Jassmin

IMG_0118 IMG_0119

I found out different groups for our PBL project. – Ryan

We were working on our brochures for the Farmer’s Market. – Lealah

In the brochure, we did our group’s names and the ingredients to a recipe. – Elhaine


The best part of the week was our field trip to Emma Prusch Farm. -Jesus

Next week, I am looking forward to getting ready for Exhibition. -Jackeline

Meanwhile in Mrs. Jolley’s Room! 

We planted our plant!- Cynthia

planting 3

We dug a hole for the seed and then covered it with soil- Elias

planting 2

We watered our plant and put it in the sun- Miyah

planting 3

We researched the nutrients in our plant in the iPads- Jenny

research 1

We learned what vitamins are in our plant- Emily

research 2

Stay tuned this week as the second graders work on their Plant Brochures, prepare for exhibition night, and care for their growing plants!


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