20 Questions, the global tech version, by Mrs. Leipelt’s first grade

Our class played the game “20 Questions” live using a Google Document.  We previously had a Google Hangout with a first grade class in Missouri and we decided it would be fun to collaborate to play this game.

We played one game with our class asking the questions.  The next day we played again with the other class asking the questions.  Both times the class was completely engaged. 

First graders learned how to ask questions and formulate ideas based on the answers.   Not only did this promote critical thinking, but also digital citizenship through these connections.

Below is a screenshot of the questions and thought process of the first graders as they worked towards guessing a word posed by their Missouri friends.

Screen shot 2014-05-13 at 10.39.14 PMphoto

Some of the reflections from the students afterwards were:
I was nervous because I thought we were going to end up at 20.  We asked 16 questions and then we got it!–Enrique
It was fun because we got to guess what it was.–Jocelyn
When we learned it was something big and strong, I thought it was godzilla!–Nathaniel
It was fun playing it with another class from another state.–Erick
It was fun because we guessed it was a panda.–Hailey
First graders have developed some awesome critical thinking skills!



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