Day 12 “Ready! Set! Go!” Nutrition PBL by Ms. Trowbridge’s 1st grade

imagePhotographer of the Day:  Jadine

imageGroups working on rough drafts of posters to teach our community to be healthy and exercise.

imageWe worked on our favorite foods essay.  We wrote about all of our favorite foods from the 5 food groups.

imageWe colored pictures and cut them out for our favorite foods mobiles.  Ms. Trowbridge wrote down our favorite things to eat and found pictures of all of them for us.

imageWe watched a BrainPop movie on exercising to be healthy.

imageWe also watched a video of somebody teaching how to do exercises.  We watched this so we could get ready to make our own exercise video.

imageWe talked about our Need to Knows to get ready for Exhibition Night-Wednesday, May 21.

imageWe typed sentences for our final draft posters for the community.

imageWorking on our final draft posters…



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