Building a Middle Colony City on Minecraft By Mrs. Melo’s 5th Grade Students

Fifth graders are taking what they’ve learned about the middle colonies and building a  MINECRAFT city efficient in trade and supportive of jobs, laborers and the diverse cultures  and religions of this region.  

We built a cargo ship to transfer goods such as wheat and other products to and from the middle colonies. -Jose 

The city is built along a river and includes ports.  -Randy

A town house was built where citizens could make their own laws and practice self government. -Nico 
I built a pig pen and a farm because in the middle colonies agriculture was the main industry.  The middle colonies was known as the bread basket.  -William and Jeidy.  
There were churches for people to practice their religion.  I will build four churches because there were different religions that lived in this area such Judaism, Catholicism, Puritans and Quakers.   -Kacie 


Come see this and more on Wednesday, May 21 at our Exhibition Night.



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