Week 1 of AMA Inc. by 6th graders in Mrs. Opp’s class


Hello, this month Katherine Smith ‘s 6th graders  are doing a PBL project  base on”How can we design a sustainable Dream House for the 21st century?” Our budget is $300,000.I’m going to tell you about our progress in week 1. On Monday,we did critical friends and we got ideas. On Tuesday, we finished our apartment size scale drawing. On Wednesday, we started doing the blueprint for our home. Then we started researching the need to knows. We also started drawing our company logo. Our company name is AMA Inc. Which stands for our names America,Mariana, and Andrea. We also did a paper,where we wrote down the things we need, and what we want. We had homework based on How to measure different types of rooms.


On Thursday, we looked at our homework, we also had to look at our similar features and different features. We are still working on the company logo. Also we are still working on the house size scale drawing,we are still getting ideas for the house and getting feedback. We are thinking about, what we want and need.

On friday, our teacher gave us a paper were we can find stuff for our dream house. Also to start writing what we are going to buy for our dream house, and how much they cost.We started looking at websites to figure out what we are going to buy for our dream house. Then we are going to start, doing the math part. Which is the figuring out the budget, and adding all the prices of the things we are going to buy. This is our progress for week 1.


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