dream house design week 2 by 6th graders in Mrs. Opp’s class

As we worked harder in our group it was then we had to start drafting our dream house scale drawing. My group and I decided to scale all the important buildings like the bathroom and some bedrooms first. All the group members wanted something different so we decided to put two stories, one for the standard house features and one for my frienhttps://ksmithschool.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post-new.php#ds and I to enjoy. Since this was a bigger building we needed to change our scale from one inch /one foot , to one inch /two feet. To start our dream house scale, all my teacher did was that she gave us all the supplies and explained a little, but after that we were mostly on our own.

dhd-1s5e8i3-241x300Bottom floor on scale drawing .

  We are still currently drawing and scaling our dream house but we had more than one thing due for this project, so we split up the jobs again.  While Lieu and Andrea still continued to do the scale, I began to work on our materials estimate, but before I could add up all the items I needed to ask which style they wanted for the doors and others items.

As week two continued, we not only had teachers helping we had experts come in too. They gave us tips and good things to think about like where a big window should be placed so that in winter the sun heats up the house and in the summer if there was a tree there it would be cover the heat from coming into the house. But that wasn’t all they also said to show the thickness of the walls and instead of having a rectangular porch we should round the corners just a bit.

 Our night is soon coming in May and we will be working hard through week three too.


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