Mrs. Jolley’s Second Grade Gardeners- Exhibition Reflection

Exhibition night was a huge success across the school!

The primary quad was buzzing with habitats and exercise stations, and in the middle of it all, was the Second Grade Gardeners Market.

parsley exh

Second graders had brochures they created to pass out, they showed off garden boxes they designed and built, and taught people about 8 different plants. Inside of their garden boxes were plants they had begin from seed, as well as plants they had transplanted from our own Katherine Smith School Garden.

Students had a great time and the audience learned a lot!

carrots exh

“I liked it when there were a lot of people coming and they were asking my group hard questions and they left good feedback” Joseph

peas exh

“I liked it when some people came to our stand because they wanted to try some of our samples and they said that when they ate peas they were good”- Ariela

lavender exh

“I like how Mr. Jolley came and gave us lots of good feedback”- Dulce

“I liked how Mr. Jolley gave us more advice to have more eye contact”- Emily

mr jolley exh

“I like when people got the samples and some people got the peas”- Elias

josue exh

These second graders really know how to take and use feedback, they love the opportunity to improve!!!

“I liked it when some people were honest when they filled out their feedback form. Like Mr. Jolley he was honest if we were loud and spoke clearly. It helps us to to speak louder or if we need to work on showing people how to garden” Jayla




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