Dream House #PBL Week 2 by Mariana from Mrs. Opp’s Sixth Grade

Our newest project that we are working on is called Dream House Design.Our Driving Question is How can we design a sustainable Dream House for the 21st century?Our teacher has given us this opportunity to be creative use our imagination,to be sustainable or be ecofriendly,and to use 21st century design which means to use any thing that is from 2000-3000.For example an IPad or Google glass.To me these have sprung many things in me such as imagination of how I would imagine my dream house and stress of building this Dream House with a scale and a lot of measuring.This is the process we went through of week 2 so hope you enjoy.

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Every second counts

Through the week everything and everyone were stressed they were either working on their home blueprint or company logo no time is being lost.I remember that I would go to school with hair sprayed hair nice and neat and come home with my hair sticking out and crazy from all the moving around and looking through papers and rushing from one place to the other.It was total chaos when we worked on PBL (project based learning) we would always be rushing and trying to get as much done every single day.From Monday-Friday no one can stop thinking about Exhibition night.This was a huge grade so no one can stop focusing on their project.Some people would stay after school including me but once when I was leaving my classmates did not even want to leave the school because they wanted finish what they were doing.To me this was real commitment.

Think on the Bright side

On Thursday our teacher tried something new she said about how she went home and experienced what we were feeling.So when we when went to school immediately she told us to do something a teacher has never told me before … take a selfie.So eventually everybody took a selfie and she explained I was at home and was looking on Facebook and saw how some people in college have finals and I related it to us so think of it as your last thing that will be graded.She was trying motivate us,so the activity was that she printed our selfie’s and gave us a template of Facebook.She told us write down all the things on the side which said things like favorite book, favorite movie things like that.She also told us,on our statuses we will put how we are feeling about theExhibition night.So after that we did a gallery walk and wrote nice comments to boost us up and make us less stressed.

Our Assignments

So the things we have been working on have been the final home blueprint the budget and the 3 D home model.We have been working exremely hard on this project.and everything needs to be very precise.here are some pictures of our hard work.We have made some pretty good progress and has had a lot of creativity for example in our dream house we put a slide in our house.


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