Principal for the Day by Erick, a K. Smith School first grade admin


I was Principal of the Day.  When I got to school, I went to Mr. Brengard’s office and there was Starbucks on the desk.  Mr. Brengard gave me a walkie talkie.  It made me feel like I was a real principal.


I went to Morning Pride.  And I talked about the Habits of Mind and I did college cheers.  I introduced the people that won Katy and Smitty.  I liked holding the microphone and talking in front of a lot people.

Then, I went to a meeting about the dance program.  It was fun because I got to sit behind the desk.  I said I think we should do the dance program everyday after school because I think dancing helps your body.

Next, I went to each and every classroom.  I think that they were doing good.  I liked when I helped one student in the classroom.


Then we got outside the classroom and we started painting on the basketball court because everybody that plays basketball wants the lines darker.

Gina O. is a visitor at our school.  I  got to show her around and it was fun.


At the very, very end, I got to direct cars.  It was fun because it was like directing bikes.
I liked being principal because it made me feel like I was being a big boy.  It was the most fun day I ever had.



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