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Our Edcite internship officially kicks off this coming Monday, July 7th.

The Edcite Blog

“I am interested in an internship at Edcite because I want to learn new things and skills that will make me a successful person in life.” – Valentina Galdamez, incoming 5th grader at Katherine Smith Elementary

The Edcite team and student interns doing an “Edcite volcano” after the announcement of internship acceptances

Katherine Smith students interviewing for the internship position

21st century learning aims to push the limits of teaching and student learning further. It hopes to equip students with the skills needed to thrive in our modern world today, skills like collaboration, digital literacy and the ability the problem solve. As our earlier blog post points out, Katherine Smith Elementary School accomplishes this during the school year by teaching solely through Project-Based Learning (PBL). This summer, the KSmith School and Edcite teams are partnering to push this limit even further.

We first met the Katherine Smith School Team…

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