Katherine Smith Internship: Elementary Interns Dive into Design Thinking

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Last week, the Edcite team and Katherine Smith Elementary School started the first-of-its-kind elementary school internship. And after only our second week, we already feel like we have learned so much! So let’s talk about what we accomplished in the first 6 days!

First Things First:

An Intro to Design Thinking and Empathy

dschool This image was created by the Stanford University design school http://dschool.stanford.edu/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/steps-730×345.png

The Design School at Stanford recommends a cycle for design thinking in order to create a product that addresses a need. Many takeaways can come from the cycle for design thinking, but the biggest lesson our interns have learned is that this process is a cycle that doesn’t necessarily stop with the final version. We are using this same cycle in our internship, so we wanted to start by introducing it as a framework for their work with Edcite.

photo 5

To help the students practice…

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