Junior CEOs Share Their Knowledge!

Our students continue to maze. Check out this innovative work.

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Our elementary school internship wouldn’t be revolutionary if students weren’t guiding and reflecting on their own learning!  So, throughout the first two weeks of our internship with Katherine Smith Elementary School, the students have been writing daily blog posts. Here’s a sample of some of the incredible insights and feedback we received from the Junior CEOs!

Week 1: Design Thinking Warmup!

Design Thinking Part 1: Developing Empathy

gilbert Gilbert (left) and Freddy presenting in front of the other Junior CEOs.

Guiding Question: Describe a time that you struggled. What were you learning? What were you feeling in that moment? What helped you learn it?

Gilbert — Grade 6

“A time It was hard for me to learn was when we did new kinds of fractions… I felt really stressed out because it was like I was figuring out how to do that kind of thing…What helped me learn it was…

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