Lessons Learned From Our Edcite Interns

An excellent blog with some great lessons learned from Brian from Edcite.

The Edcite Blog


IMG_0537How do I deal with elementary schoolers??? I’m a high school teacher! That was my instinct heading into the first week of our first-of-its-kind internship with Katherine Smith Elementary. During this 4-week internship, fifteen rising 4th, 5th and 6th graders would be answering the driving question: “How can we make Edcite a better website for teachers and students?” As I mentioned, I am a high school teacher. I’m more used to students who roll their eyes than students who give their teachers hugs (thanks Kevin!).  I was worried about how I would relate to people who are about half my height and don’t speak sarcasm as a second language. Despite these apprehensions, I worked throughout July with the ‘Junior CEOs’ to teach them about design thinking and help to make sure to add an Edcite perspective as they worked on their projects.

After four weeks working with these incredible…

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