College Day with the Fresno Bulldogs

[READ] My favorite part of College Day was…
“doing our cheer.” College Day 2014


We are Second Graders at Katherine Smith School. Our class college is Fresno State. It’s colors are blue and red. The mascot is Victor E. Bulldog. We even have a stuffed bulldog in our classroom! Today we did many fun activities to learn about our college and what we want to be when we grow up!

IMG_1066 IMG_1065

We brainstormed jobs we could have after we graduate from high school and college.


We picked one career and wrote a paragraph about our career and the steps that we need to take to be what we want.


We planned what we would draw on our career tile. The tiles are going outside by the bathrooms! We can come back and look at them when we are older!


Here is the final draft of our paragraphs.


These are some tiles that we made.


We made wigs with our pom poms. It was funny! 

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