Digging for Dinos – Ms. Trowbridge’s class

Second grade has launched the next project – Digging for Dinos!

K. Smith Second Grade

•Johana and Chris S. are our bloggers for the week.  They will be in charge of picture taking and writing about what we have done for the project.


We went to the garden to pull weeds this afternoon.  (Christopher)


Some of us used tools to weed.  (Bin)

We pulled out a bone! (Johana) It looked like a big, giant bone!  (Chris S.)  When I saw the bone I got super excited because it was big and I thought it was a T-Rex bone.  (Giovanny)


We stopped in Ms. Schorr’s room and they had a dinosaur bone, too!  (Pedro)

We came back to our class and we listed all the things it could be.  (Gibbson)


We decided it was a fossil of a dinosaur bone.  (Ximena)

We are excited because we like dinosaurs.  (Tatiana)

Our Driving Question for this project is, “What happened to all of the dinosaurs?”  (Christopher)


I feel…

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