College Day Blog Series: Mrs. Wright’s College Bound Third Graders

College Day Blog Series continues – Today it’s the third grade UNC Tarheels from Mrs. Wright’s class.

K. Smith Third Grade

IMG_3448On Friday, October 10, our classroom participated in College Day. In addition to reading the book Oh the Places You Will Go by Dr. Seuss, our class talked about careers they want to have when they are older, made tiles showing these careers, skyped with UNC students and participated in a rally. It was a great day getting kids excited about college and beyond. While skyping with UNC students the students in C2 were able to ask questions about college and learn the college cheer.

Some favorites from our day:

I like that we learned that you sleep at college and get ice cream. ~Victoria

I like that Daniel (UNC student) told us he changed his major and that it’s ok. ~Valerie

I like that you can choose whatever classes you want at college. ~Katelyn

I like that you can go to school in your pajamas. ~Jade

I like that…

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