Seventy Year Olds and Six Year Olds by Mrs. Leipelt’s @KSmithSchool First Graders

At Katherine Smith,  it is not surprising to see students contributing to our community.  We “apply our work to real world situations to serve an authentic purpose.”  We are “empowered to make a difference” and we “recognize our place in the community.”  This Habit of Mind is infused in our work and in our learning.
Recently, first graders visited a local senior facility to meet and establish a relationship with the residents living there.  They eagerly prepared by practicing the book they were going to read and talked about what it might be like at the residence.  When we got there, students paired up with a resident and read the book they had been practicing.  They interviewed their new friend and discovered there was a time when there were no cell phones or T.V.’s.  Imagine that!
The following is a reflection by the students of our visit:
– When I left, the lady gave me a hug. (Joshua)
– I met a guy named David.  He told me how old he is.  He was 80. (Geselle)
– I met a lady and her name was Janet.  She told me that when she was growing up, there was no TV and it was nice. (Kelenna)
– I met Paula.  Her birthday was in 1923. (Leilani)
– The lady said she couldn’t hear.  I said “it’s o.k.” (Malina)
– Kay did not know how to walk.  She said the boys and girls had to be in a separate classroom. (Noah)
– I met a man named Gene.  He was in War II.  (Christopher)
– He was coaching baseball too at San Jose State. (Joel)
– I think it was fun.  I met somebody new. (Geselle)
The children will be returning next month to perform some Holiday songs for the seniors.  This year long project will no doubt empower the students to make a difference in the community…one smile at a time.

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