New Year’s Resolutions in Second Grade


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We are excited to be back in Room B4 and continuing our great school year! Today, we focused on resolutions for 2015. As we made our flip books, we thought about the exciting year ahead! Here are some examples from our flip books!

2 ways I can be a better student:

  • Listen better. -Omar
  • Listen to who is talking. -Hailey
  • Do more math. -Hailey
  • Read more at home and in class. -Maria
  • Listen to what the teacher says. -Jaylon
  • Learn how to read. -Yaritza
  • Be nice to my friends. -Naomi
  • Play nicely. -Jaylon

0 (something I want to stop doing):

  • Stop fighting with my brother. -Amaya
  • Stop eating candy. -Omar
  • Stop eating junk food. -Yurem
  • Stop eating too much sugar. -Enrique
  • Stop sleeping in the living room. -Hailey
  • Stop watching too much TV. -Yaritza
  • Stop talking when somebody talks. -Allen
  • Stop screaming in my house. -Maria
  • Stop being funny when…

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