#DesignThinking Day in Second Grade

#designthinking #education


On Friday, March 13, Katherine Smith School had a Design Thinking Day! Students used the design thinking process throughout the day to create a prototype to solve a problem presented in a children’s book. The second graders used the stories, The Three Little Pigs and The True Story of the 3 Pigs.


What were some of the problems we identified?IMG_0888

  • The wolf wanted some sugar from the pigs. -Yaritza
  • The pigs kept getting eaten by the wolf. -Enrique
  • The wolf blew hard but couldn’t blow down the brick house. -Jade
  • The wolf blew the straw and stick houses down. – JJ

What were some prototypes we came up with?IMG_0890

  • A trap to catch the wolf. -Ashley, Stacey, Naomi, Adriana
  • A jackhammer for the wolf to get under the house. He would first use the shovel and then use it under the house. His friends would distract the pigs while the wolf…

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