My Dad By Ezekiel

Hello, this blog post is going to be about our student reflection about our project – A Hero Among Us. It is about our heroes. Our heroes are people we look up to or important people like dads and moms.

The most important thing to me into this project is learning more about my dad’s life. I picked that as the most important thing because my dad would never talk about his past. I learned that he had to move from schools to schools because the kids would always pick fights with him.  I learned that his dad wasn’t very nice to him so that might have been why he was In a lot of fights but his dad changed.

I also learned that he made a lot of bad choices in his life especially when he was a teenager and those bad choices followed him throughout his life and he is still trying to get out of his bad choices. Every time I get in trouble at school he is hard on me because he doesn’t want me to go to the wrong path in life and so does my mom.

My mom always said that the bad things you do are like seeds then the seed grow into trees and the trees have roots and when you grow up you’re going to have a hard time trying to get those roots out because of all the bad mistakes you make when you are young. My dad tells me that when you are a teenager you have the whole world in your hands and you have to choose what you want to do with it.

Thats why that is the most important thing I learned in my PBL Project and why I choose my dad as my hero even though he made a lot of bad choices doesn’t mean he is a bad man.


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