Project Planning: First Grade Goes Batty! – By the K. Smith First Grade Teachers

First grade at Katherine Smith started their first content driven project of the year today. It’s called “Going Batty” and our Driving Question is “Are bats harmful or helpful?”

A week ago all four 1st grade teachers took a release day to plan the project. We had thrown around a couple of ideas at the start of school of topics we wanted to cover in the first project. Because we would be completing this project through October and the Halloween season, we thought it would be an interesting tie-in to have our project relate to something that may be seen around this time; spiders, bats, etc. We settled on bats and for the last couple of weeks have independently been saving ideas and files on shared Pinterest board and Google Drive folder.

On Monday, we brought all of those ideas together, sifted through, and tied them in to the academic learning targets that we decided to focus on. We start with the Buck Institute for Education’s project planning guide. We identified the learning targets and found activities that would help us teach those to our students.


Four days a week students will be blogging about what they learned that day. Each day a different class will reflect upon their learning and upload pictures of them learning all about bats as well as their thoughts on what they did during the day. We hope this will provide a window into our classrooms and see how we implement a project throughout the day at Katherine Smith.


Tam Dang
Noel Diep: @noel_diep
Abby Schneiderjohn: @aschneiderjohn
Rachel Trowbridge: @rachtrow


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