Bumblebee Bats – “Going Batty” by Ms. Trowbridge’s First Graders

This week in our “Going Batty” PBL, we are focused on learning about different species of bats.

Yesterday we started by talking about the difference between microbats and megabats.  We read an article about the similarities and differences between the two kinds of bats.


“Both kinds of bats are mammals.”  -Kevin T.

“Both fly at night.” -Fernanda

“Microbats use echolocation.” – Vanessa

“Macrobats have big eyes.” -Rodrigo

Today we wrote about what we learned so far about bats during our Daily 5 Work on Writing time.  We are still practicing our writing stamina and wrote for about 14 minutes.  Students were to write as many sentences as they could about either what they have learned about bats or questions they have about bats.  When they were finished with their writing, they drew and labeled a picture.


For the whole week, we will be using a process grid to organize the information we learn about specific bats.  This will be kept on the board all week and will later be transferred to our PBL wall for students to refer to.

Our bat of the day was the Bumblebee Bat.  We read Hello, Bumblebee Bat.


Then, we moved to our process grid and I filled in the information that students remembered from the story.


“A Bumblebee Bat’s body is 1 inch long.” -Roman

“Their nose looks like a pig’s snout.” – Cruz

“Bumblebee Bats live in caves.” -Rebecca

Students then used their “Bat Field Guide” and copied the information we had written in the process grid.  Students will use these field guides as a reference when they write an informational paragraph about one of the bats.


We even used bat words to practice identifying nouns.  We’re going batty in 1st grade at K. Smith School!



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