“Ewwww! Its nose is weird!” – Going Batty with Ms. Diep’s 1st Graders

This week, our focus was on Microbats and Megabats.  After learning some facts about both types, students were super excited to go through bat books and determine whether they were looking at a picture of a Microbat or Megabat.

FlyingFox Megabat

We determined that these are Megabats because of their big eyes.

“They are so cute! Look how fuzzy they are!” – Patrisia

We worked on a Microbat and Megabat sort.


“This one has big ears.  Does that mean it’s a Microbat?” – Winney

“Yeah Microbats have big ears and use echolocation.” – Pax

We also spent each day this week learning about a specific bat.  Today, we studied the Greater Spear Nosed Bat.


“Ewwww!  Its nose is weird!” – Thalia

This led to a discussion about how the bat got it’s name.


Students had a blast using iPads in their small groups to look at photos and watch a video about the Greater Spear Nosed Bat.  Not only did they have plenty of opportunities to learn about specific bats in depth this week, they also learned so much about how to work together as a team and share responsibilities.

We are really enjoying our bat research and can’t wait to share more with you next week!

Ms. Diep’s 1st Grade class (@noel_diep)


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